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Poster: claus Date: Nov 25, 2005 6:15pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive

Hi all of you everwhere,

i'm only an old german guy whose english is not as good as it might be, but i hope hat everyone will understand what i'm trying to say.

in europe we didn't have had much possibilities to see the GRATEFUL DEAD live in concert. me, i saw them in 1981 three times, in Essen, in Munich and in Paris. these events changed my whole life! from this time on i've known that there is a force in the world which try to change it to a better way. i don't understand all the textes they've sung but i understood the message of love.
with the internet i learnt more about the GRATEFUL DEAD. i learnt to know that it is still a strong cummunity. and the archive.....this was really the difference to any other group or musician worldwide. the idea of collecting all the shows of this unique band was great. many , many thanks to the archivists for this. now the archive is gone and i'm very very sade. what is now the difference to other bands. commercial is the only way they live. JERRY will turn out of his grave if he could. shame over all who stopped the archive.
i, for myself, i have about 500 GD-shows at home. i don't need the archive anymore. also i know other ways to get what i want. but i think a geat idea is dying.i remember JERRY GARCIA who said one day that the music when they have played it's no more their own. it's for everyone. free. for everyone!

i for myself, I WILL NEVER BUY ANY RECORD OF GRATEFUL DEAD MUSIC AGAIN. Dick Pick's are lost forever. if the idea of this music is dying noone need dick pig anymore! and i, i will put all my efforts in remastering the shows i've at home. and believe folks i know how to remaster (sometimes i think my products are better than jay ashleys....) i will give copies of them to all the people i know. just for nothing or only for the promise to give it to 10 people else. if there are some people who think that they can earn some money with a music which was not made to make some money they will not win this war. with winston churchill i can say:


Come on guys, do it like me. 10 people 10 shows for 10 other guys are .......... in this way we will make millions and millions of copies!!!!!!!
but NEVER buy or sell something which is related to the GRATEFUL DEAD - the greatest rock'n roll band that ever was.


a lost german dead-head

p.s. if it was really phil's idea why can we still download the phish-shows from the archive??????????

nevertheless whose idea it was to pull off the shows from the archive [moderated]This post was modified by Diana Hamilton on 2005-11-25 17:56:18 .... oh we are censored.
[moderated] while big tears
are running down my ... oh i don't know the word. excuse me.

since the allies liberated us from the nazis in germany we are used to say what we think! so why do you censor me. it's my opinion. is it no more possible to tell his own opinion in the state of george w. bush? than we can even get the regime of the taliban ....

This post was modified by claus on 2005-11-25 18:13:26

[Please do not use foul language; that is what has been removed. Please do not add it back in again. Thanks. -mod.]

This post was modified by Diana Hamilton on 2005-11-25 19:05:14

okay. but only because i've great respect of the work of all people working at the archive, and not because he isn't!

This post was modified by claus on 2005-11-26 02:15:29

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Poster: DaveB521 Date: Nov 25, 2005 10:00pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive

It is understandable why the Dead would want to pull some shows off this site. I don't blame them as they are a company and make money selling the Dicks picks. But one thing that is un-Grateful Dead like is this....don't allow us to have the music one day and then the next take it away. As for the many shows still on the site...why are they only available to stream? Bob, if you see this post let me tell you one thing...many of us have spent a small fortune supporting your tours over the years. If in fact you are responsible for being the modern day indian giver I will never patronize one of your venues again and will never buy any of your music again. I will however support Phil Lesh. You have really hurt your image with this issue. I suggest you allow some of the shows still on the Archive to be downloadable.

p.s. I saw your most recent show in Syracuse NY and it will be my LAST!!

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Poster: tigerbolt Date: Nov 25, 2005 11:08am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive

do you curse in public libraries in germany?

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Nov 25, 2005 11:16am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive

Uh, machts nichts at this point- move on like you said, man! ;)